MOKAVE Alchemy ring - Terra


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MOKAVE Alchemy ring - Terra

The ring is a unique piece from ALCHEMY collection, made of silver and brass (sphere). Minimal, subtle and beautiful in its raw character.

TERRA is hand-made using traditional jewellery methods. The sphere bares traces of the rawness of metal, its imperfection. It’s an intended look, that emphasises the collection’s character and brings up the metal’s natural beauty.

Every ring is made by hand, therefore the ordered product might vary slightly from the one in the picture.

Material: Oxidised silver, brass

ALCHEMY is a para-science based on symbols, transition process, transmutation and diffusion. The goal of alchemy was to transform base materials into gold, as well as to unify the matter. Alchemists could also identify terrestrial equivalents for planets in certain metals. The jewellery from this collection underlines the raw beauty of nature, its magic and its ability to change when i contact with human body. While worn, the jewellery polishes and oxidises to fit the body that wears them.

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